Feeling Like a Poem Today 🙂

Walk Lightly a Poem by Clarisse℠ 2006 cc –Distribute  Widely–Derivations Allowed, Provided the Poem’s Intended Message Remains Intact) Gorgeous Shot of Mist-Shrouded Sea of Matsushima, Japan   Walk Lightly upon this Earth, and Leave It Better than when You Came; Talk Lightly with Those you Meet, and Propel them Higher than when you Met; Listen Lightly […]

Gaea’s Labor Pains Affecting Us, Too

Welcome to “Gaea’s Midwife!”  Much has occurred, Frequency-wise, since I’d announced the Start of this Blog in the day of the Summer Solstice, 2015…, Incredible, Amazing Things. First, though, as Promised, here’s my–albeit belated–Summer Solstice Celebrating First time ever Uploaded Original Song, called: “Angellis Traballium.” (Those of You with “Golden Ears” and/or Perfect Pitch, may […]

FINALLY! Ending Hiatus…, with a Song

Following nearly a month in bed–unable to do much, but Sleep, Read, and Do Reiki on Myself, Meditate, and Self-Hypnotize into Healing Sleep (while my Spirit Guides, Loved Ones…, Others, Worked on my “Diverticula”)–to alleviate, or Diminish the Pain, from “Acute Diverticulitis,” This week, I felt well Enough to Play a few Songs, and Just […]

Who’ll Stand-Up for Gaea?

While we’re led to believe the whole world has gone mad, the Opposite is tge Truth. The Reality is that 7.6 Billion of us Who Love, Care, Give. Time to shed the False contruct, and Realize a handful of “people” are manipulating 99% of Us. Now, is time to Stop it. Will You Stand Up for Gaea?

The Story Behind the Song “Angellis Traballium” and its Name:)

This is the Story of How my 1995 song: “Angellis Traballium” came to be, and What Inspired it.